What Makes Us Different?

The twist is that the professionals who serve our clients are not our direct employees. We’ve structured our firm to effectively solve your branding challenges in the most efficient manner possible.

How many times have you received a quote for service that included overhead? You’re not IBM or Apple. You’re working your tail off to cover your own expenses without having to pay for the office space and phone bills of some other company. Our founder and CMO—a flagship brand himself in the Dallas/Fort Worth market—knows this dilemma well after serving in sales leadership and chief marketing officer roles for more than 25 years.

We don’t maintain staff that are essentially forced to sell you more and more as the means to keep their jobs.

We don’t carry the cost of fancy office space—or any office space, for that matter—with all of its trappings (furniture, benefits, systems, etc.) that would cause your fees to escalate as we drive our own people to do more with less.

Instead, with decades of experience working with some of the most talented people and amazing partners in the business, our founder believed there must be a better way. He envisioned a firm that would bring:


  • the creativity of world-class professionals and business partners; together with

  • a collaborative approach that unites your needs with our talent in a shared mission of creating and delivering the most rich, resonant, and resounding brand experience possible;

  • through common sense offerings that recognize the competitive, budgetary, and resourcing challenges of small businesses yet produce big-brand results.
Service Model

We created ResoundInc as a radical alternative to traditional agencies. And we’re ready to help. Contact us NOW!

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