While huge agencies are well-positioned to serve firms with marketing budgets possibly larger than your annual revenues or assets, we’re guessing that you might be on our site because the cost of engaging these firms is nowhere in your budget.

Not to worry. The ResoundInc team has served organizations both large and small. In an economy at its highest highs and lowest lows. Whether the firm was strong and growing or facing significant challenges to its brand. Our focus is you and the success of your small- to mid-tier business. Our passion is helping you build a brand that delivers to your desired results and is sustainable over time. And our results speak for themselves.


In 2006, our founder was hired to re-envision an advisory firm’s brand architecture following a market challenge best described in this link.

He collaborated with company leaders to (1) re-envision the brand from the ground up; (2) leverage content using a mix of traditional and digital tools; (3) and build far-reaching market relationships.

Against the backdrop of its new brand, the firm re-established partnerships with trusted industry partners globally. Advisor recruiting  was reignited. Sales and profitability exceeded pre-settlement results. And the firm led its employees, franchisees, and clients to be proud of their company again.


At the height of the Great Recession, Results2_3.0nearly every company leader felt the pressure to increase top-line revenues while cutting expenses, often dramatically. When confronted by a financial institution with the issue of building trust with their target market at a time when corporations were anything but trusted, our founder and his business partner, Sentient Decision Science, went to work.

After compiling data and insights from related research, the team identified—within a margin of error of +/- 2.8%—the messaging points that resonated most with the FI’s target consumers. The team then designed and implemented a plan to gain insights into the attitudes (e.g., feelings of confidence, security, being stretched), behaviors (e.g., actions taken to save, reduce debt, invest), and intentions (e.g., plans to save more, cut debt, invest) via a monthly survey.

This proprietary, in-house, and first-of-its-kind program for listening to the hopes, fears, and dreams of a specific market so that wisdom could be returned through Web content, online and print articles, seminars, social media, and video lifted the firm’s reputation as “the” trusted source of financial insights in its market. The “Bulldog Star of PR” award the firm received in 2011 confirmed the positive contribution of its content to a wary public.


Our founder and CMO often quotes one of his most revered leaders by saying, “Nothing solves business issues better than new sales.” Such was the case for the firm in this example.

New client sales were down. Existing client add-on sales were down. But overhead took no notice and just kept growing. Our mission: give the firm a shot in the arm by revving sales up in the most efficient manner.

The team hypothesis was: in pursuit of expediency, the most efficient and effective means of accomplishing the objective was to boost add-on sales to existing clients—a number that far exceeded prospects in the pipeline. As a 2014 Harvard Business Review reports, “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining (or growing . . . our two cents) an existing one.” 

Using market-specific, relationship-based messaging in concert with some gentle education on the full scope of available offerings, we designed a comprehensive-in-scope and integrated digital/traditional campaign that delivered first-year sales of more than $6 Million and a 10-year ROI of 2,598%. That’s right— the campaign expense was a mere $11,154.00. Looks like Harvard was right . . . again!


We listen to our client’s needs. We create to our client’s objectives. We deliver to our client’s delight. And we know that nothing makes our clients happier than a winning brand built through actionable, meaningful, and value-driven strategies that provide positive, measurable, resounding results. Quite possibly, this is the best way to sum up why we succeed at what we do. Because we deliver.