Use ResoundInc’s experience to enrich your members’ experience.

We focus on serving emerging to mid-tier Credit Unions. Our rationale is very clear:

  • Most credit unions in this segment have broken through the hurdle of “surviving” and are now in a position to focus on “thriving.”

    The time to increase members, assets and loan growth is now.
  • According to a 2018 NCUA report, average Return on Assets (ROA) for organizations within this size-range has reached a level in the mid- to upper-40’s%.

    The opportunity to enhance service levels for current members while attracting and transitioning new members has never been more important
  • Credit Unions in this size range have most likely hit the radars of surrounding community banks, in particular, who will now perceive them not as that little financial institution down the street, but as a growing competitive threat.

    The prospect of fully engaging and growing your member base has never been brighter. You deliver better service than community banks; you offer more attractive interest rates than community banks; and fees are not the first thing on your mind when serving your community. 3 – 2 – 1 – LIFTOFF!

We all know, however, that there’s always a “but.”

But a challenge for you—if you are a credit union within this size range—is that you may or may not have the quality of resources such as you’ll find at your local community bank, especially when it comes to the expertise required to create, grow, and sustain a brand that puts you first in the minds of your target community members.

That’s where we can help.

With the value ResoundInc can bring to your credit union—including decades of credit union-specific marketing expertise, no overhead like you will find at traditional agencies, and a style of doing business and delivering results that fits squarely in the culture that made you a survivor in the past—we are the partner you need to help take you into the future.

If you are a $50 million to $300 million credit union, the time to simply compete is over. The time to WIN is now!

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