While the experience of our Talent Network Team (TNT) spans virtually every industry sector, ResoundInc has chosen to deploy its resources and expertise as wisely as possible in service to our target markets. Our current TNT portfolio offers:

  • more than 140 years of  combined experience in community banking and credit unions (we just happen to prefer serving credit unions);
  • over 50 years in the independent financial advisory space—serving both broker-dealers and RIA’s; and
  • in excess of 180 years helping technology firms through any and all phases of start-up, launch, funding, mergers & acquisitions, and sale of the company.

The breadth and depth of competencies ResoundInc brings to a client engagement enables us to quickly understand the pains, challenges, and opportunities you face in your market as we deliver a unique and fresh perspective from other industries that will blow your objectives—ranging from differentiation to disruption—away. With this much power behind you, you’ll be well on your way to putting the BOOM in your brand.