We’ve all read the stats on the failure rates of start-up and small businesses in America. 20% by end of year one; 50% at five years; and 80% by the end of year 10*. So, I have one question for you . . . “Who gives a crap about these stats?

  • Instead, our team focuses on helping you build the fundamentals essential to an enduring brand in year one—or, better yet, before you open your doors.

    Use your brand strategy to secure investors, capital, and initial flagship customers to help you promote your value and measurable successes in their environment.
  • Well before year five, we are using the latest in integrated marketing and digital capabilities to help you engage your target market(s) and cement the promise of your brand in your loyal customers’ minds—turning advocacy into an accessible and profitable revenue source.

    Customer growth is critical. We’ll help you find them.
    Superior and satisfied employees are your growth engine. We’ll strengthen your brand to position you as an employer of choice.

    You must deliver on your brand promise, scale effectively, and innovate continually to fuel the advocacy of all those you serve. We’ll help you build advocacy programs designed to keep customers, employees, industry influencers, board members, and community leaders in the game.

  • Congratulations! You’ve beat the odds and hit the 10-year mark. First, think about the lives you’ve touched since you opened your doors. Now take the energy from everything YOU have built to make the next 10 years bigger and better than the first.

    Let’s dig deeper into your brand and test its efficacy against your changing market’s needs. Let’s use the insights to envision new, unique, and disruptive strategies to dominate your niche. And, of course, let’s ensure that the brand you’ve placed your heart, soul, and sweat into is capable of sustaining your legacy as an entrepreneur, innovator, and leader.

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With the value ResoundInc brings to your technology business—including more than a century of combined tech-specific marketing expertise for start-up and small businesses, no overhead like you will find at traditional agencies, and a style of doing business and delivering results that fits squarely in the culture that made you a small business survivor, we are the partner you need to help take you into the future.

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We focus on serving Credit Unions with assets between $50 million and $300 million. Our rationale is very clear:

  • Most credit unions in this segment have broken through the hurdle of “surviving” and are now in a position to focus on “thriving.”

    The time to increase members, assets and loan growth is now.
  • According to a 2018 NCUA report, average Return on Assets (ROA) for organizations within this size-range has reached a level in the mid- to upper-40’s%.

    The opportunity to enhance service levels for current members while attracting and transitioning new members has never been more important
  • Credit Unions in this size range have most likely hit the radars of surrounding community banks, in particular, who will now perceive them not as that little financial institution down the street, but as a growing competitive threat.

    The prospect of fully engaging and growing your member base has never been brighter. You deliver better service than community banks; you offer more attractive interest rates than community banks; and you don’t scrounge for every fee you can get like your community bank counterparts. 3 – 2 – 1 – LIFTOFF!

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We all know, however, that there’s always a “but.”

But a challenge for you—if you are a credit union within this size range—is that you may or may not have the quality of resources such as you’ll find at your local community bank, especially when it comes to the expertise required to create, grow, and sustain a brand that puts you first in the minds of your target community members.

That’s where we can help.

With the value ResoundInc can bring to your credit union—including decades of credit union-specific marketing expertise, no overhead like you will find at traditional agencies, and a style of doing business and delivering results that fits squarely in the culture that made you a survivor in the past, we are the partner you need to help take you into the future.

If you are a $50 million to $300 million credit union, the time to simply compete is over. The time to WIN is now!

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“We serve the comprehensive marketing needs of Independent Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers,” is not a phrase you’ll hear from most full-service agencies. We’ve changed that through our understanding of your business and your passion for enriching your clients’ lives. We know that:

  • Many Advisors are associated with a larger entity—such as LPL—and marketing must conform to both brand and compliance requirements defined by the broker-dealer.

    We offer unmatched expertise in developing unique messaging and materials to help you acquire and retain clients that also fits your BD’s brand and compliance rules.
  • Independent research, led by a ResoundInc team member, confirms* that your market’s perception of you as an honest, trusted, and knowledgeable partner is the key differentiator between successful Advisors and their struggling counterparts.

    We build all content to reinforce your honesty, trustworthiness, and knowledge which helps position you to convert prospects to clients and clients to advocates.
  • Client service and satisfaction is your #1 job. So, while you need to continually increase clients, you have very limited time to prospect. Results are, therefore, fundamental and vital to the ongoing success of your practice.

    Our history of delivering results in this space is indisputable. We’ve raised brand awareness by 45% in one year; grown social media presence from 0 to 39 Million impressions within two years; and created a targeted, compliant, and actionable direct selling campaign that delivered a 2,600% ROI. Ask another firm to beat that!
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New clients, generated largely by satisfied client referrals, are the lifeblood of your business. We understand that. Deeply.

And that’s why you should call us today.

With the value ResoundInc can bring to your advisory or wealth management practice—including more than 50 years of combined experience in this extremely complex space, no overhead like you will find at traditional agencies, and a style of doing business that makes best use of your valuable time—we will be the partner you need to help you acquire, retain, and grow your your client base and, therefore, your income.

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* The most important factors in selecting a Financial Advisor are honesty (65%), trustworthiness (61%), and knowledge (59%). 95% confidence level.

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