Digital Acceleration Workshop

“Digital creates an opportunity to be relevant to your customers on their terms.”
                                                                                                                   —Margo Georgiadis

With her use of the word “relevant” in the quote above,’s CEO is spot on. Your digital content must be valuable, meaningful, and relevant to your target audience. And, when considering your long-range digital plan, remember that “how” the message is delivered and received is equally as important as the message itself.

Through our Digital Acceleration Workshop, we prepare your team to propel the relevance of your brand in ways that enable you to keep pace with your (often much larger) competitors while remaining on target with the way your ideal buyer chooses to receive information and build trusted relationships.

The objectives of our Digital Acceleration Workshop are three-fold:

  1. Equip our audience with a broad understanding of the digital landscape in which you compete
  2. Facilitate open discussion for a good portion of the workshop as a means to allow our audience to internalize the content and begin to fully comprehend the application of digital into your specific business environment and
  3. Provide audience members with tools, templates, and reference materials for their ongoing use in mapping and managing a digital footprint that aligns to the behaviors of your target market as well as with the operating principles of your business

The four key topic areas we will detail in our workshop are illustrated (1—4) below:

4–NextGen: Expect nothing but continual disruption regardless of the state of your digital plan and strategy, causing more questions for you and your team. Does Artificial Intelligence (i.e., “bots” programmed to personalize the consumer’s experience) make sense for your business and target market(s)? Can IoT (Internet of Things) such as wearables, sensors, actuators add value to your consumer’s journey? Could IoT be used to extend your brand to target audiences? Will IoT ever be secure enough to ensure your customer’s privacy?

1–Infrastructure:  There’s no better place to start than your website. Does it effectively communicate your brand? Are landing pages targeted and action-focused? Is it optimized for search? Are keywords and tags written properly? Is it replicated on mobile? Do you have an established process for review and improvement?
Digital Process0
3–Distribution: Even with superior content, the channels used to target desired buyers can make or break your digital strategy. Which social platforms do you use? Why? Does your digital strategy mirror your buyer’s journey with social engagement, selling, and service aligned internally and externally? Are consu- mers driven to a relevant and tailored place? Are Pay-per-Click, paid display, geo-targeting, AI, etc. a part of your plan?

2–Content: Buyers love a personalized experience. Curated and distributed content has become essential to all stages of a customer or member experience. How relevant and personalized is your content? Is it authentic and trusted? How do you know? Have you leveraged external relationships for content? Is your content replicated and reinforced across all digital & traditional channels?

ResoundInc designed our Digital Acceleration Workshop to meet your business needs. Our two options include:

  • Option 1: A one-day, interactive format for the internal team you designate as responsible and accountable for creating and implementing your digital acceleration road map
  • Option 2: A Person-to-Person (or Train-the-Trainer) format in which we immerse your digital subject matter expert(s) in the process, the specific activities critical to the digital acceleration model and the team make-up and ongoing communications and advocacy required for a valuable, meaningful, and relevant digital footprint

If Option 1 is chosen, your team will leave our Digital Acceleration Workshop with—at a minimum—the following learning objectives achieved:

  • A complete understanding of what comprises a digital footprint—today and for the foreseeable future
  • A clear understanding of the components that comprise each core element of a digital road map (Infrastructure, Content, Distribution, and Next Gen) as well as the ancillary aspects of digital (process, culture, communications) that must be included in your strategy
  • A draft Digital Acceleration road map with priorities identified, tools to be explored further following the workshop; and the potential sources of information for the ongoing learning required to remain efficient, effective, and competitive in the digital space

If Option 2 is chosen, your digital subject matter expert will achieve the same learning objectives described above. However, a considerable portion of the workshop will be spent on testing and ensuring the leader’s competency with the process and her/his ability to function effectively as the “Trainer” for all constituents.

The digital landscape is evolving at an exponential rate—primarily due to changing consumer behaviors and preferences for interacting with and experiencing different brands. And as human behavior continues to change, the business intelligence and marketing challenge will only continue to escalate.  With the ResoundInc team as your partner, you’ll be more than prepared to rise to the challenge.


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