Brand Strategy & Activation

“A chess novice can defeat a master if moving twice each round.”
Mark Goldenson

The ResoundInc approach is designed to complement the expertise of you and your leadership team with an outsourced marketing leader and/or team of specialists—depending on your business needs. Collaborating with you and your team throughout the entire process, we will help you envision, articulate, and activate a clear, simple, and cost-effective strategy and road map designed to provide your market with a valuable, meaningful, and resounding brand experience.

A typical engagement comprises the following three phases:

We facilitate the creation of your organization’s Unique Market Positioning (UMP). Your endorsement of and active participation in the process is essential to inspiring the visionary, collaborative, and authentic environment in which we can survey your team for data points and potential insights. At your discretion, we often survey a select list of current and prospective buyers as well as a cross-section of non-executive team members. The data captured from multiple vantage points is used by the team to reveal insights and inform decisions. The expected outcome of this phase is the creation of your organization’s UMP—or that which differentiates you from your competition and which must be aggressively and continuously communicated to your target audience(s) through all relevant venues.

We then align your UMP to the journey of your member, client, or customer. This phase is critical to the creation and retention of highly profitable, long-term relationships. The strategic thinking required in this stage establishes and/or clarifies how your UMP aligns with every phase of your “consumers'” journey—from awareness to consideration to purchase to loyalty to referral.

Finally, we create and activate your organization’s Marketing Plan. It is here that we identify—in a way that covers each stage of your consumer’s journey—the most targeted, effective, and efficient methods for reaching your market including, but not limited to, content curation, social media, media relations, analyst (Gartner, etc.) relations, sales collateral, SEO and SEM, digital marketing, customer testimonials, blogs, etc.

The phases presented above are not necessarily linear in their implementation and many additional steps may be involved in this process including the development of ideal client/member persona, competitive analysis, and our assesment and recommendations regarding current go-to-market activities, among others. We’ll share the rest with you when you call us.

Regardless, we will deliver what you need to:

  • reach the hearts and minds of those you currently serve or choose to serve
  • prioritize branding initiatives with activation aligned to business drivers and budgetary constraints
  • see your strategies through to implementation, measurement, and continuous improvement


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