Brand Experience Workshop

“Brand is what others say about you when you leave the room.”
Jeff Bezos

Our Brand Experience Workshop is designed for two types of audiences:

  • The small business or start-up organization that has not had the time yet to focus on the creation of its brand but recognizes the importance in delivering valuable, relevant, and meaningful experiences for the market(s) it serves or
  • A small- to mid-size organization or institution that has successfully built a strong base of member or client advocates, but now wishes to advance its brand in order to leap to the next level

Either way, we are here to help. Our TNT members have broad expertise as well as deep experience in the creation of powerful brands designed to help you achieve your goals, such as outpacing your competition, securing investor funding, and/or preparing for the sale of your business.

We use our proprietary Brand Experience Process as the basis for our workshop. This process has played a critical role in creating unique and actionable brands for past clients—ranging anywhere from a $50M start-up technology firm to a several billion-dollar financial institution. The graphic below provides a 1,000-foot view of our Brand Experience Process, the details of which will be fully explored in workshop style with active audience participation.


The ResoundInc team offers our Brand Experience Workshop in both a format and time frame that work for you and your team responsible for fulfilling your organization’s need for a real, relevant, and resounding brand. Examples of optional delivery styles include:

  • Option 1: A one-day, interactive format for the internal team you designate as responsible and accountable for creating and implementing your desired brand experience
  • Option 2: A Person-to-Person (or Train-the-Trainer) format in which we immerse your brand experience team leader in the process, the specific activities critical to each step, and the team make-up and ongoing communications and advocacy required for the creation of a superior brand and brand experience for those you serve

If Option 1 is chosen, your team will leave the Brand Experience Workshop with—at a minimum—the following learning objectives achieved:

  1. a complete understanding of what a brand is and “why” it is critical in our increasingly disruptive market environment
  2. a full understanding of the ancillary elements critical to the success of your brand creation initiative (e.g., culture, communications, advocacy, market insights, etc.)
  3. a draft Brand Experience plan of what they need to advance their plan, why they need it, clarity of team roles and responsibilities, potential sources of data required to develop and test insights, etc.

If Option 2 is chosen, your team leader will achieve the same learning objectives described above. However, a considerable portion of the Brand Experience Workshop will be spent on testing and ensuring the leader’s competency with the process and her/his ability to function effectively as the “Trainer” for all constituents your organization serves.

In addition, we can integrate your specific learning objective for the workshop based on your knowledge of the participants. And, if requested, your Talent Network Team (TNT) leader can remain at your service for as long as your needs require.


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