Brand Audit

“Building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment.”
 —Jim Collins

Our Brand Audit is designed to test the alignment between your brand—as envisioned internally—and the messaging and vehicles with which you go to market. We use a non-proprietary framework, shown below, to structure our audit.


We will conduct a comprehensive audit of all materials within your existing brand architecture. Our goal is to identify the presence of clear, simple, and valuable messaging that aligns your external-facing communications to your stated brand promise. We will also examine each communications vehicle for its “fit” against one or more of the acquisition and growth stages presented above.

When all materials are in alignment with your brand promise and supportive of your member/customer/client growth cycle, your organization creates a de facto mechanism by which to continually move Suspects to Prospects to Clients to Advocates—with the Advocates becoming a key source of new suspect and prospect referrals.

At the conclusion of this engagement, we will include, at a minimum, the following deliverables:

  • Our documented findings gathered through interviews with the CEO and her/his executive team, current marketing team members (if staffed), a sampling of existing board members and/or investors, outside agency leadership (if an agency is used), and a select group of existing and prospective members, customers or clients. An exploration of the organization’s vision, mission, brand, strategies, and results will occur in each interview. NOTE: Details from these findings may be used to create a Brand Guide for the organization—using either internal resources or a member of your ResoundInc Brand Audit team.
  • A written assessment of the overall alignment strengths and weaknesses identified in our review of your existing brand architecture and portfolio of brand communications materials/vehicles. All traditional and digital vehicles currently in use will be assessed.
  • A clear and simple document outlining our specific recommendations for maintaining, strengthening, and increasing the fulfillment of your brand promise across your target markets and within the stages of your member/customer acquisition and growth cycle. Included in the recommendations is an easy-to-follow and implement guide used to govern the elimination or reconstruction of existing materials; the creation of missing and/or value-added materials; and the continuation of materials found to be in alignment with your brand.

Anyone who has bought a pair of one-size-fits-all gloves knows that . . . well, they don’t. The notion of one-size-fits-all marketing programs is no different. New competitors are emerging and the convenience of a 20-second purchase experience is becoming more pervasive. It’s time now to ensure that you are delivering the right brand message through the right content vehicle to the right buyer during the right stage of the brand journey.


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