Our Story

ResoundInc exists to help the leaders of emerging to mid-size businesses optimize the value of their brand.

Our chosen markets of Mid-tier Credit Unions, Independent Financial Advisors, and Start-up & Emerging Tech Businesses comprise ideal partners for us. Because, as a small business ourselves, we walk in your shoes every day. But even though we’re not the largest, we’ve amassed a talent pool with the skins-on-the-wall in your industry to rival the biggest and most revered branding and marketing agencies. So, if you are a:

  • Start-up Technology Firm with a vision of imprinting your brand on your space—ResoundInc intends to help you “Make Your Market.” 
  • Mid-tier Credit Union, Independent Financial Advisor, or Growing Tech Business that has battled through the early years and now seeks to advance your organization and your brand to the next level—ResoundInc intends to help you “Make Your Market. Boom.”



We were hoping you’d ask. We’re actually different because we’re exactly like you. Well . . . almost.

You have members, customers, clients that have chosen your product or service over someone else’s. So do we. You have boards, investors, external and internal shareholders that expect performance and a return on their time and money. So do we. You have the team members and resources your budget allows who look to you for their livelihood, their professional development, and their ability to belong to something bigger than themselves. So do we.

We are grateful for every challenge and opportunity we face as a small business owner–just like you. But there’s one difference that may be the solution to your challenges and the catalyst behind your opportunities.

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Now that you’ve seen our “Business Model,” the structure of our team will make sense. And, as you will experience, our team—constructed precisely for your specific business needs— is ready to solve your most pressing tactical challenges to your most strategic branding issues.

Making this business model work effectively, efficiently, and to the delight of our clients and their consumers requires an experienced, innovative, and proven leader. Meet ours.


Dennis S. Holland
ResoundInc, LLC

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer 

Dennis is a strategic brand leader and marketing expert with more than 30 years of experience creating, growing, and innovating the brand identities of companies ranging from small, VC-backed technology firms to mid-tier financial institutions to Fortune 500 enterprises.

He served for 10+ years as CMO in one of the most dramatic turn-around’s in the financial services space as he led a 50-person in-house advertising agency in the brand creation, execution, and activation for a company nearly devastated by internal and regulatory issues.

With his growing family of premiere, award-winning, and creative servant-leaders, he’s on a mission to empower credit union, financial advisory, and tech organizations to effectively and efficiently compete—with even their largest competitors—for the innovation, awareness, and continual growth required to survive and thrive in markets where winners and losers are increasingly decided by the brand experience delivered to those they serve. Click to view Dennis’ full bio.

Now For The Best Part: Our Talent Network Team

We’ve created a network of our market’s most talented branding, marketing, and communications specialists—each award-winning leaders on their own. We refer to them as our TNT that enables you to make your market boom. More than 20 members make up our team at any one time, which allows ResoundInc to align the perfect combination of skills, expertise, and industry knowledge to help solve your branding challenges—large or small.

This month’s TNT member spotlight includes nothing but dynamite:

Gary Bio

All members of our Talent Network Team are independent contractors who have signed an agreement with ResoundInc ensuring that, if available, they will commit to prioritizing our clients above all other assignments. We have all worked as a team off and on over the last two decades—always under Dennis’ leadership—so they are as trusted as family. If the TNT member selected is not available, there are numerous equally qualified experts on our TNT bench.

The Bottom Line: If you have a branding opportunity and/or challenge, we have the team to deliver to your unique requirements and highest expectations. Together, we are ResoundInc!