5 Reasons to Choose ResoundInc

As the 5 Reasons below will be what lead you either to contact us—or not—we brought the key points up-front with the ability to dig deeper. Collectively, these 5 Reasons are what make us the right firm to help solve your strategic brand issues.

REASON 1: We offer the expertise and experience that easily equal or surpass the talent provided by our competition. For details, click here . . .

REASON 2: We construct a team to serve your industry, functional, generational, seniority,  and relationship needs to a level of precision unmatched by other agencies. More info . . .

REASON 3: Our intense focus on only small- to mid-tier businesses in specific markets allows us to offer services in well-defined bundles that you can get your arms around, allowing you great control over our process of serving you. Find out more . . .

REASON 4: We use a clear and common-sense approach to pricing with the full understanding of the realities and pressures of running a business like yours. Learn more . . .

REASON 5: Finally, we understand what it takes to “Make Your Market” should you be in start-up or transition mode. If you’ve been in business and are getting ready to step on the gas and GROW, we also know what it takes to “Make Your Market. Boom.” Because our footsteps have followed in your path. Keep reading . . .

Reason 1Simply, we have one employee. However, as a result of our founder’s 35-years leading the strategy and brand teams for start-up to Fortune 100 companies, he amassed a treasure that he now offers you—his relationships. In less than one week of making known his intent to build ResoundInc‘s business model, he received 10 offers to join our Talent Network Team (TNT). We’ve since grown to 14-members strong. And we’ve only begun.

Each TNT member is a multi-award-winning expert in their respective functional specialty. Each member owns and operates their own marketing or advertising practice. And EVERY member is someone who has worked for or with me personally. Known. Tested. Proven. Professionals with whom I would trust my life and, in this case, the success of my business.

As a result, we offer a bench of exceptional talent—each with decades of experience delivering insights, inspiration, and innovation to, collectively, hundreds of global organizations. To show why this is so important, let’s move on to Reason #2 or you can return to the top of page.

Reason 2With the portfolio of talent we are honored to represent, we can identify, blend, and deliver the precise mix of expertise to solve your specific business issue. Deep industry knowledge? Specialized functional skills? Unique generational insights?

We bring large-agency expertise and quality to bear on the business issues and brand challenges that keep you awake at night. Not by assigning a newly-hired and untested employee to your account, but by collaborating with the industry’s best and brightest—each highly-successful in their own right, and all passionate about contributing to your success and that of your organization.

And, yes, our bench goes deeper still. Since we can’t be great at everything needed to advance your brand, we’ve partnered with long-established, industry-leading firms to extend our ability to serve you. Our value-added capabilities range from behavioral and implicit research to technical platforms for reaching the communities critical to you to promotional items for building B2B and B2C relationships and nurturing brand loyalty. Return to top of page.

Picture6While our resources run deep, we specialize only in the industries we know better than anyone else based on our combined decades upon decades of service to them. Credit Unions. Financial Planners. Technology.

And we focus only on the small to mid-size organizations within those industries. Our passion, as a team, is not in helping the big get bigger. It’s in working directly with visionary entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders like you; partnering to help you shape something truly special that solves a need long unmet by other companies; and building a powerful, relevant, and resonant brand that stands above the rest because it was your dream to do so.

Finally, we offer well-defined, tightly-packaged offerings designed to attack specific and crucial pain points you—as a small- to mid-tier organization leader—may experience or are experiencing today without breaking the bank. We created our business for you, with your stated needs guiding every decision we make, in a way that we—as a small and successful business ourselves—would choose to be served. Continue reading or return to top of page.

Reason 4And our story gets better. We envisioned and created our collaborative, consortium-based business model with YOUR needs as a small to mid-tier business leader in mind. You see, since we have no direct employees—and, therefore, none of the associated costs of office space, technology, benefits, etc., we have total flexibility in how we price our engagements.

When we construct a team to solve your business issue, you pay only the rate each TNT member would charge for her or his direct involvement in the process. We have no overhead cost of doing business. Therefore, you pay no overhead associated with the engagement. I ask you . . . What agency have you worked with that has not tacked on a 10%, 20%, 30% overhead fee, sticking you with their cost of running their business, with little to no discernible value to you?

We also know that the deep experience of our TNT members enables us to accurately define up-front the time required to achieve your strategy and branding goal. So, we can confidently offer a fixed price with a clear, agreed-upon set of deliverables and time frames, eliminating the infamous “scope-creep” that inevitably comes with an outsourced engagement. Why do we offer something this unique? This disruptive? This valuable to YOU? Please read on or return to top of page.

Picture7We’ve constructed our business model with the recognition that you may be either starting out or ramping up for growth. We created our approach because we CHOSE to serve businesses like yours. We each run a small, successful businesses ourselves. So, we put ourselves in your shoes, envisioning how we would like to be treated; how we would want to be charged for services; with the love and respect for the team with which we surround ourselves, choosing to never price any of us out of an opportunity because of unnecessary costs in our business model.

Now, often, when people hear the laudatory remarks from consultants (and, let’s be real . . .  marketing consultants, in particular) about “lower” fees, the thoughts of “lower” quality or value inevitably come to mind. We grew up with the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” What’s interesting is that phrase is actually true for us. Not because we deliver less. But because we deliver precisely what you need, making any overhead we “could” have charged available for you to reinvest in your people, your market, your dream . . . not ours.

Again, we are a small business ourselves. So, we thrive on being creative, collaborative, and driven by common sense in our business practices. Because we know that for our firm to be successful, we must NEVER take our eye off of the ball when it comes to serving YOU—whether that be through our expertise, our engagement pricing, our collaborative relationship with you and your team. We know that our business is about YOU. Return to top of page.

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When it comes to serving your business strategy and market branding needs, we are ResoundInc!

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